I am walking down the unknown path. You are left far behind. I don’t know what happened but you suddenly stopped. We were supposed to reach the destination together. But you stopped and left me in the midst of this long trail. You said you were not sure if you had reach the destination with me. I tried to ensure for the thousandth time that I would always be there for you, that we will reach the destination together, happier than we have ever been. But the doubt in your mind had grown strong. You did not budge. You went your own way while I tottered along the same path to see where it leads.

How do I tell you that you were the only motivation that kept me going. I feel lost now. I try to regroup myself and sprint, so that I can put an end to all this. But I have no energy left. There is no one to ignite that fire in me.

You were the calmness that could mitigate the hurricane inside me. I am slowly accepting the fact that you are long gone and I am all alone in my quest. I am regaining my self confidence but the shadow of your love and your betrayal makes me go weak in my knees.


Mindless Musings

I have been thinking a lot lately. Is it the human tendency to try to figure out the hidden meaning of everything or as they say it read between the lines. Tell me the last time you talked to someone and you took it as face value. We try hard to understand the intentions of others. Why did they do that to us? Why is it happening to me? Why is Universe conspiring against me? But have you ever stopped for a second and looked around you and realise how beautiful life is? How better it can get if you stop asking so many questions and just concentrate on the present. It is you who can change your life. It is you who has to take up the responsibility of your actions and your future. It is you who will decide whether you will work at 9-5 job or work your ass off to realise your life long dream. Don’t ever take yourself for granted. Situations are temporary. They do change and it is your responsibility that they change for better.

‘Pain is temporary but suffering is Optional’.

Feel the pain. Let it be as agonising as it can get. But don’t ever suffer. Channelize the pain to achieve something you have always wanted to achieve. You can’t crib about the situation for long. You have to make yourself your priority. It is not selfishness, it is a necessity.